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The Mission

We aren't just a Photography and Videography business, there is a mission behind this. Hunter, the primary person behind the camera, has loved the outdoors and pursues it in many different ways. In his Youth, and early college days, he was shaped into the person he is now through outdoor experiences and even brought him closer to God in his faith. We now give percentages of our profits to help fund youth camping trips and outdoor activities.

(You can read more details by clicking the Blog tab)

"Hey! I'm Hunter Redmon, the primary person behind the camera. I've had a camera in my hands and since I was 16 and always dreamed of this full time. Whether you believe in God or not, we can all agree that the outdoors is a place that can shape us into better people and find peace. By Supporting ELT, you are supporting me as a creative and assisting me into giving back to the outdoors so youth and students can experience it too. Thank you."

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